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Krystal Gomez
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December 13, 2010. That was the day that I found her. It was a cold day; snow had just started to fall the day before. Man, it had been snowing hard for two days now. My name is Jade Huntington.  There isn't really anything special about me. I'm 17, have two idiot brothers and a dead beat Father. Can't say were rich and wouldn't consider us poor either. Were like most, stuck in between the two wonderful worlds.  Not that I'm complaining or anything, I like my life and don't rather give any what anyone else thinks of it. But I'm not here about me, I wasn't given this task to talk about myself and the problems that I have to face. Nope. I'm here to talk about a girl, a kind, caring wonderful girl that no one will ever know of again. No, that's a lie to. Why don't I start from the beginning then. Things will make a little more sense if it is told that way. Shall we begin?

     December 13, 2010. It had just started to snow and the leaves begged for warmth and sunlight that was never delivered to them. My brothers say that I think too much about everything, that's fine in my opinion. Someone has to do it. Sadly no one sees it that way. Any who, one of my brothers Damien was classified as strange/ twisted mentally enough to be a firefighter. Don't know where he got that jean from. My other knucklehead of a brother Tyler and I were picking him up from a meeting he seems to have every last Monday of the month or something. Not that's important or anything, just thought I would let you know.  It was cold and his hot breath made clouds in the dark sky as he ran over to the car to greet us.  He said he need five or more minutes to Finnish up. I didn't really care while Tyler went on and on about how he should be better prepared.

     I love the snow; it gives me that fuzzy feeling. I got lost in the snow as it twisted and turned in the wind. The streetlights were the only source of light at night now. The thick snow clouds dominated the sky and only sent the gentlest of attacks to us poor humans. The snow loves to dance with the wind. They make such good partners it's a crime.  Together they fool you, make you see shapes and figures that aren't truly there. Swear, I've seen people and animals in the beautiful partnership of the wind and snow. Damien finally got in and we left. Driving home, the snow got thick and the wind died down as to allow it to pack in. near the side of the road almost two three yards from the turn to our complex, there was a back pack. Not large as to go camping, yet, not small enough to be a school bag. "What are you staring at Jade? Jade? HOLY…JADE!!" I opened the door and walked over to the bag and held it in my mitten covered hands. "Do you WANT to die Jade? My lord girl, what's wrong with you?" I held the bag up to him as a small child would a toy wonder if they could have it. "Yes, that would be a bag. You jumped out of the car for it because?"  I stuck my hand through the giant hole in it and wondered.

      The bag led to another and after that is when I found… what looked like a truck or at least what was left of one. There, face down in the collecting snow. You could obviously tell that the truck had crashed. Yet there seemed to be no "real" damage to it.  It looked like a delivery truck yet it had a funny shape. Damien ran over switching to "Awesome Fireman" mode checking to see if there was anyone injured. The inside of the truck was as if it came out of the movies. Shiny metal lining the inside walls, along with tons of tubes and wires hanging from the ceiling. Most were broken with others leaking something awful. It looked as if Dr. Frankenstein had gone mobile. No driver, passenger or seat for that matter only what seemed to be an arm sticking out of the pile of tubes and wires.

      Nothing but a pair of boots, dark bluish looking pants and a shredded on the back muddy-white, I wouldn't even call it a jacket. The boy was lying face down on the floor of the truck.  I flipped him over and his face was all scratched and bruised up; his short hair messy with dirt and grime. I called to my brothers for help and they did just. Wrapping him in my coat Damien tried to get a response out of him while Tyler drove to the hospital.  His head in my lap, I couldn't help but want to know what he sounds like. Warming up he started to bleed, my brother took off the coat and jacket to reveal deeper cuts and larger bruises…and the fact that he…was a girl. Brother now frozen in place, I told Tyler not to go to the hospital. "What? Why? What difference does it make if he…is a she?" I didn't really have a solid answer for that; so I argued with him till she coughed up some blood. And finally Damien backed me up and we raced on home Speed Racer style.
Basically bandaged from head to toe, he…she was fast asleep in my bedroom. "Jade?" Damien came over with cocoa and a pondering question he had been marinating since we got home. "Tyler was right to ask ya' know. What's the difference any who?"

     "Sorry, don't have an answer for ya'… It just does 'I guess"  

     "Well I'll give you that, but, what are you gonna do with her? You know..."  

     "Ya ya I know, 'Damien isn't going to let you keep her here'. I know I know."

     "So what are you gonna do about it?"

     "What would you do about it?"

     "Not my dissection to make so my opinion is irrelevant."


     Several hours passed before she started dreaming; probably a nightmare. I sat next to her and gently stroked her face. She had a gentle face that would have liked to cling to. Her short hair was thick and black yet was fine to the touch. Un-like my obvious features; she could easily pass for both sexes yet once you know it's hard to see the other side. Probably about five feet nine inches, she would be at perfect hugging height for me. I smiled at that thought and wanted for her to wake.

     December 14, 2010. The next morning I had woken up to greet the floor and find an empty bed. Panic didn't particularly strike me till I saw her trying to crawl with blood seeming through the bandages around her waist. Her eyes feared me witch scared me. It was about then that I realized I probably feel asleep leaning on her. "No no no, it's alright." Now that I think of how stupid that was to say, I can understand her panic. "Look, you're really badly hurt, please; I won't, nor could I, hurt you." Not being able to move to well, she stared at me not speaking a word. "My name is jade…what is yours?" Damien heard my panic and of course rushed to the rescue. She looked at him and screamed. She backed up into me and kept on screaming. She managed to get in corner and balled up. "Damien, leave please, you're presents obviously is not needed right now." In his leaving, I got close to her and threw some water on her. She looked up at me," At least you stopped screaming." She tilted her head and couldn't keep eye contact. Managing to get close enough to her that I could sit with her took about an hour.
When Tyler came from work, some trust was established and on came the big question. "What are you going to do with her Jade? She can't stay here and you know that."

     "Well what exactly do you want me to do with her Tyler?!" definitely pissed I was. "She's not a dog Tyler, I can't just tell her to go and not come back."

     "Well your just lucky that mother dear is out in Mexico with William otherwise you would of never got her in the front door, let alone let her stay overnight!" Damien did that loud whistle thing he does to get our attention. I would have tried to spell that out but I truly don't have a clue as to how.

     "Guys" He pointed to the girl clinging to the door frame quite as a mouse.

     "Hi there sweetie…how are you feeling? Better?" Gently nodding, we could all hear her stomach call out for food. Damien, smiling, went to the kitchen. She was hesitant when I approached yet let me help her. "If you're hungry, let's clean you up first. Ok?" she put all her weight on me. 'I'll take that as a yes' Removing her boots and pants were no problem. I was a tad confused as to why she was wearing boxers thou. She was sensitive to my touch as I removed her bandages. She sat in the shower and I let the water run on her. She was terrified.  I got soaking wet calming her down. I managed to clean off most of the dirt and blood on her body and washed her hair which she seemed to enjoy. Gently leaning into me signaling not to stop I washed her hair for ten minutes till she got cold from being so wet.
Dressed in Damien's clothing, along with the wet short hair and clueless expression; She reminded me of a puppy. Wandering down the stairs, she clung to my arm as we entered the kitchen. The room smelled of pasta and meat balls; the swirling steam caught the girls attention causing her to release my arm long enough to serve some food. "Why is she wearing my clothes?" I had to explain that she had two inches on me and that she only fit in his clothes.  

     A strange feeling had hit me when we all sat to eat. The girl toddled over when I called her and she sat on the floor next to my chair. The room fell quite to the action. She looked up at me, legs crossed, leaning on my chair as if she were waiting for an order. We all sat there quite till I pulled out the chair next to me and motioned for her to sit. Silently shaking her head, she clung to my arm and smiled like a small child.
After eating, while the boys fought to the death on the Wii, I spent a lot of time trying to get the girl to talk. She was very childlike; touching, playing, and dropping everything that was important in the room. She reminded me of my younger sister that I use to have. As the thought dawned on me my face hardened and the girl seemed to sense my pain. "Jaden sad?" my eyes widened and scanned her lips over and over confirming that it was hers that the words came from. Her voice was as if it came from that of a child. Soft, gentle and that witched begged to be embraced with love and affection.

Not really sure what it is that this story is leading to. its my first (so be gental please > <)
suggestions would be nice. please and thank you
  • Listening to: i know By: jude (city of angels)

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